Revista adolescente vol. 3: Todos los sentimientos

Teen Zine vol. 3: All The Feels invites teens to explore the kaleidoscope of feelings all humans face in this life. This series invites teens to consider how they navigate their feelings in light of God’s promises over them. Teens will understand that their feelings come from God, and the Holy Spirit can use their feelings to guide them, but they don’t have to only lean on their feelings. Teens will walk through the Signs of Grace—baptism and Communion—which contain the tangible means they can hang on to when all seems lost. A Quick-Start Guide accompanies each zine to support grown-ups as they join their teens on this faith adventure. This 300-page zine contains ten chapters of art, scripture, grounding theological truth, and processing space:

  • All the feels (vibes)
  • Never alone (lonely)
  • Nerves (anxious)
  • I want! (envy)
  • Hide out (fear)
  • Heaven is a place on earth (happy)
  • Under water (sad)
  • Red (angry)
  • Mixed feelings (ambivalent)
  • Chill (peace)


*StoryMakers zines are intended for use by one teen. Each zine has space for reflection, note-taking, and doodling. Zines are a place for a teen to express their questions, discoveries, and creativity as they explore the deep theological truths and faith in God.


Customer Reviews

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So easy to fill out!

I feel like so many of these type of books ask confusing questions but this was so fun and calming to do. They also helped me feel good about some feelings I thought I should be guilty for. The best!