StoryMakers NYC

Lent Two Starter Kit

Start your Lent adventure with a Starter Kit. The Lent Two adventure includes all the essential tools you need to get started! The Lent Two Zine leads StoryMakers to discover why Jesus was the kind of hero no one expected…and the kind of hero the whole world could hang on to. This 6-week adventure includes original illustrations, bible verses, scripts for interactive plays, discussion questions, fun facts, and coloring pages and crafts.

The Lent Two adventure includes:

Jesus in the desert

The Baptism of Jesus

The sermon on the mount

The wedding miracle


Palm Sunday

Each starter kit includes:

  • 5 Zines*
  • 2 Guides
  • 2 Sets of Memory Cards
  • 4 Chapter downloadable visuals.

*StoryMakers zines are intended for use by one child and may not be reproduced. Each zine has space for reflection, note-taking, and doodling. Zines are a place for a child to express their questions, discoveries, and creativity as they explore the ancient stories of the Bible and faith in God.