StoryMakers NYC

Advent One Zine

Dive into the season of Advent with your StoryMakers. Each chapter includes six opportunities to engage with the lesson. Grown-ups and kids will be captured by what it means that light entered darkness during this magical time of year.

The Advent One series includes the accounts of Jesus, the Magi, and the Angel Gabriel.

The Zine includes four themes:

  • Hope: Light enters darkness: John 1:5

  • Peace: Small Miracles: Luke 1:28

  • Joy: Tangible Means: Matthew 1:23

  • Love: The King: John 1:17

Advent One Includes :

  • Four Chapters

  • 6 Sections per-chapter

  • Coloring pages

  • Comic pages

*StoryMakers zines are intended for use by one child and may not be reproduced. Each zine has space for reflection, note taking, and doodling. Zines are a place for a child to express their questions, reflections, and discoveries as they explore the ancient stories of the Bible and faith in God.