StoryMakers NYC

Advent Three Starter Kit

Start your Advent adventure with a Starter Kit. Each Advent Starter Kit has everything you need to learn about the meaning of Advent through the adventures of four families from around the globe. This 4-week Zine uses original artwork, crafts, fun facts, and scripture to illuminate the theme that God came to reach the entire world with love and mercy.

Through the Advent celebrations of children from around the world, explore four themes:

  • Hope : Mexico: Psalm 25:6
  • Peace : England: Luke 1:78-79
  • Joy : Finland: Zephaniah 3:14-20
  • Love : Palestine: Micah 5:2

Each kit includes:

  • 5 Zines*
  • 2 Guides
  • 2 Playbooks
  • 2 Sets of Memory Cards
  • 4 Chapter downloadable visuals.



 *StoryMakers zines are intended for use by one child and may not be reproduced. Each zine has space for reflection, note-taking, and doodling. Zines are a place for a child to express their questions, reflections, and discoveries as they explore the ancient stories of the Bible and faith in God.